Resources on Nothing Ever Happens Here and Proud of Me


Here are some free resources to help your class or group explore Nothing Ever Happens Here and Proud of Me.


Discussion questions about Nothing Ever Happens Here for schools and reading groups


Discussion questions about Proud Of Me for schools and reading groups


Video masterclass and schemes of work from Authorfy


Reading for Leeds LGBT Literature Festival (May 2020)


Reading and talk for RSE (Relationships and Sex Education) Day 2020


Q&A from ReadingZone


The inspiration behind Nothing Ever Happens Here

Resources and support organisations about the issues raised in the books 


There are tons of great organisations and resources out there to help you explore issues around donor conception, transitioning, being LGBTQ+ and religious and finding or even setting up an LGBTQ+ youth group. Here are a few of my favourites.


For trans people and trans allies


Short films by and about trans people for everyone from My Genderation


Resources for trans young people from Gendered Intelligence


Truth About Trans from Stonewall


Busting some common myths about being trans from the BBC


To find an LGBTQ+ youth group or set up your own


Just Like Us offers visits, guides and support for schools wanting to support their LGBTQ+ students.


The Proud Trust has a youth-group-finder which you can search by postcode, as well as resources and training for teachers.


Download Stonewall's fab Student Voice guide to setting up your own school LGBTQ+ group.


Educate and Celebrate have a network of Pride youth groups.


To explore being LGBTQ+ and Jewish


Keshet UK focuses on making sure Jewish LGBTQ+ people are included within Jewish life.


Rainbow Jews celebrates Jewish LGBTQ+ history in the UK.


More about being donor conceived


I can't even begin to list all the amazing things that the Donor Conception Network offers from books to training to groups - so check it out yourself!