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"Sarah's visit to Redmaids' High was a joy! She led four sessions: two full year group talks with Years 7 and 8, a creative writing session and a PSHE session with Year 9. The pupils loved the interactive sessions and having their books signed at the end. Since Sarah's visit, her books have been constantly borrowed and have triggered an appetite for books with LGBTQ+ characters which has been a pleasure to see."

Elizabeth Bratt, librarian, Redmaids' High School, Bristol


"Our Year 7 students loved Sarah's visit to Glenthorne, it was engaging, funny, and thought-provoking. Her novel, Nothing Ever Happens Here, is an amazing read that helps build empathy and understanding. Sarah does a fantastic job at getting students excited about her work and reading for pleasure in general. I highly recommend her for any school visit!" 

Lucas Maxwell, UK School Librarian of the Year 2017.




What is an author visit?

An opportunity for young people to get excited about reading, to ask questions to a published author and to get creative themselves.


I offer sessions for schools, youth groups (like scouts or guides), libraries and events - choose from the three options below or get in touch with our ideas. I also run a bespoke, lower-cost session specifically for LGBTQ+ youth groups (within schools, local authority or voluntary sector).


I am also happy to run sessions for workplace LGBTQ+ and parenting networks (enquire separately about costs for these). 


“We were lucky enough to have Sarah talk with our employees about the importance of representation as part of our Pride week celebration. Sarah was so engaging, flexible and approachable. She provided lots of useful book recommendations and answered all our on-the-spot questions, as well as reading some of her brilliant books aloud.” 

Emma Allen, Diversity and Inclusion Lead, Capital One


Option 1: Writing (extra-)ordinary stories


You don’t need magic or fantasy worlds to create an exciting story. Fascinating people and ideas for amazing stories are everywhere in our ordinary lives, if we know how to look.


This session covers:

  • How and why I write (extra-)ordinary stories, including short readings from Nothing Ever Happens Here and Proud of Me
  • How to spot an (extra-)ordinary story and top tips on how to write your own
  • Author Q&A


(45-60 minutes, £100 virtual, £120 plus travel expenses, in-person)


Option 2: From Prejudice to Pride: Writing stories with LGBTQ+ characters


Books with LGBTQ+ characters used to be banned, now they are celebrated. What has changed and why do LGBTQ+ books still matter?


This session covers:

  • Brief interactive introduction to LGBTQ+ terminology and history
  • How and why I chose to write about LGBTQ+ characters, including a short readings from Nothing Ever Happens Here and/or Proud of Me
  • Author Q&A


(45-60 minutes, £100 virtual, £120 plus travel expenses, in-person)


Option 3: Meet an author


This session covers:

  • Brief introduction to why and how I became an author and the writing process
  • Q&A on any aspect of writing and/or specific questions about Nothing Ever Happens Here and Proud of Me, writing LGBTQ+ characters or writing real-life stories


(30 minutes, £50 virtual only)


LGBTQ+ youth/school groups only: Finding your voice


Everyone has a story to tell, and the world needs to hear the voices and experiences of young LGBTQ+ people. So what do you want to say?


This session covers:

  • Fun, non-threatening, quick-fire creative writing activities to help you express yourself and connect with others
  • Tips for discovering queer authors, characters and books
  • Author Q&A


(30 minutes, £40 virtual. Enquire separately about in-person sessions)

How can an author visit benefit my class / year group?

An author visit is a great way to bring books to life, to spark creativity among students and to encourage students to discover books they might not have encountered before.


My debut novel Nothing Ever Happens Here and second novel Proud of Me have LGBTQ+ themes and characters. In September 2020, new Relationships, Health and Sex Education guidelines in English schools meant that primary schools were encouraged to discuss ‘different families’ (including LGBT families) and secondary schools must include LGBT people and relationships throughout the RSE and PSHE curriculum.


An author visit can help reinforce better understandings of healthy relationships, of the importance of empathy and of diverse families.


Visits work best when students have had a chance to read and discuss the book first, and have been given time to prepare questions. These resources can help you get started in exploring the themes of family and friendship within Nothing Ever Happens Here and Proud Of Me before and after the visit.


“Sarah’s events are really engaging and perfectly pitched at UKS2 and LKS3 students. Sarah manages to strike a great balance between engaging the audience with the story, talking about creative writing and her own experience as an author and introducing the audience to the importance of representing all types of families. Nothing Ever Happens Here is a great book to talk to young people about LGBTQ+ issues and trans issues in particular and I would really recommend Sarah’s event as a starting point for that.”  

Mariana Mouzinho, Seven Stories, Newcastle


Which age groups would an author visit be suitable for?

Sessions are designed with upper KS2 (Year 6) and lower KS3 (Years 7-8) in mind. When you book a session, I’ll ask you a bit more about your students or your group so I can make sure the content is just right for them.


Can students buy copies of Nothing Ever Happens Here and Proud Of Me to tie in with an author visit?

Absolutely! Please get in touch with your local independent book shop or Usborne organiser who can help you get hold of copies for students to buy.


Can students get books signed at an author visit?

Obviously this is trickier online than in person, but I can sign books at an in-person event and have signed bookmarks and bookplates that I’d love to send out to schools, youth groups or events which book a virtual author visit.


When can we book you for a virtual or in-person author visit?

Bookings are open now ! I can usually be flexible based on your preferred dates and times. I can do evening sessions for LGBTQ+ youth groups.


Particularly good opportunities for a visit would be LGBT History Month (February), World Book Day (1 March), Pride season (June-July), International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia, IDAHOBIT (17 May).


How do we pay for an author visit?

I will invoice you after the visit has taken place. Costs for each session are given above.


Ready for an author visit? Still got questions?

Find out more and book now.


“It was great to work with Sarah for our Teen Writing Group session and our Authors into School session, she communicated well and made it clear what she was able to deliver for us. Her session was informative, well-paced and really inspiring. The young people came up with lots of brilliant questions. We look forward to working with Sarah again in the future.” 

Elizabeth McDonald, Wokingham Borough Libraries